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  • May 06


    Mohammad Ajmal Qassab, the only survivor of Mumbai attack, awarded a death penalty by Indian court today. Judge M L Tahaliyani sentencing to Qasab, "he should be hanged by the neck until he is dead".

    The only surviving gunman , belongs to Pakistan, in the 2008 attacks on Mumbai left more than 160 people killed among many others wounded. He was convicted on Monday in charge of several murders and wagging war on India. He was facing 86 charges since 2008 Mumbai attack.

    On receiving the sentence, Kasab lowered his head. He was silent when the judge asked him if he wanted to say anything.

    Reported by : sheraz

  • May 06

    "5-Lakh donation announced for the RAP victims of Daska.

    (source Express news) Chief minister of Punjab announced five hindered thousands pak rupees for the victims of rap. CM Punjab told to the journalists while visiting the two children in Mew Hospital Lahore, Wednesday morning. He further make assurance that the govt. will provide every facility to law enforcement agencies to pull out the daskavis from the clutch of kidnapper-cum-rapist.

    Reported by : sheraz

  • May 06

    "Daska Refresh By RAIN"

    Heavy rain in Daska city continues for half an hour. The climate becomes cool while refreshment of life came back after a long sustaining tension of rap case since last week.
    People rushed on roads and enjoy the cloudy atmosphere which ended with half hour's heavy rain.

    Reported by : sheraz

  • May 06

    Daska Calls for Help: Report

    May 02, 2010

    Report by SJ. Khokhar: Daska has been gripped into a wave of terror. Two en suite rap incidents with six year old little girls in a similar week rock the Daskavis. Parents have made restrictions especially for girls and avoid sending them out of home even for school. Little innocent children packed into homes While Police still fails to arrest the prisoners.
    In a similar week, two incidents were took place in Daska city. A six year old girl named (abc) was a resident of Awami road Daska went out of home for some shop. She was kidnapped by a bugger and her sexually tortured body found near a village of Jesarwala, 3-4 km away from Daska city. As the news of kidnapping and brutally raping emerged, a wave of terror clutched the whole city. Parents are not allowing their children to get out of their homes solely. Even some children are still bereft to get their education from schools. Locals have launched instructions to their households not to open the door without their confirmation. Several phone calls back to home were made by the house lords for satisfaction. The similar incident was took place in the same week with a 5-6year old girl, resident of Sambrial road Daska. Both the little innocent victims are still under treatment in Mew Hospital Lahore.

    Vitiate Efficiency of Police

    IG Punjab visited Daska along with DIG Gujranwala and DPO Sialkot on special instructions of Chief Minister Punjab. They met the victims and consolidate them by assuring that the prisoners could not escape from the clutches of rule. Inspector Tahir Majeed Khan (SHO City Daska police station) was suspended by DIG on the failure in controlling or finding any clues against the sin of kidnapping and raping of girls and boys in Daska city.
    Police have already been taken several steps in order to chalk out the prisoners. Several policemen in civil dress spying the evidences helpful to locate the criminals but still unable any arrest. ASP Circle Daska have conduct several meetings with local social, religious, political and trade unions along with journalist to help the Police in identification of prisoners. Several suspected persons have been nabbed since the incident occurred. Citizens are crying for inadequate arrests made by Daska Police. According to Police, the nabs are part of investigation process and they will utilize every source to search out the accused persons. Police have also made request the locals to remain peaceful in this regard and trust on law and order agencies.
    Despite various arrangements and arrests, Law enforcement agencies are still failed to capture the accused persons which is a sign of failure.

    The efficiency of Daska civil community

    Daska bar has also unanimously passed the several resolutions and the copies have been posted to Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary (CJSC) and Khawaja Muhammad Sharif (CJLHC) and Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif (CM PUNJAB) for taking quick action, in this regard. All of them make special appeal to take sou motto action on this dreadful incident in Daska City.
    Following the uprising incidents of kidnapping and rape of little girls in Daska city, the local social, educational and religious forums have made special announcements in the mosques and on loud speakers in Daska city, urging the people to protest against the shameful efficiency of police and government that has been failed to arrest the kidnappers-cum-rapists. Further in a peaceful agitation the social and religious with other opinion leaders said that the objective of such protest was in the favor of victims and to sensitize the people about the issue.

    The efficiency of Political community

    Chief Minister Punjab has notified the brutal incident personally and issued special instructions to DIG Gujranwala, Zulfiqar Cheema to nib out the criminals from the bud. Right after the incident the area MNA and MPA visited the family hunted by bugger’s sexual intercourse. They gathered at “HARRON GYM Awami road Daska” along with other local political and social personalities. They assured that Govt. always supported them in each and every field of seeking justice. Further they appeal to the Chief Minister to visit here and took solid actions.
    inspector Tahir Majeed Khan (SHO City Daska police station) for remaining failure in controlling the rising incidents of kidnapping and rape of minor girls and boys in Daska city and also remaining failure in finding out any clue or arrest the accused

    The efficiency of Chief Justice “SC”

    Chief Justice of Supreme Court, Iftikhar Mohammad Choudary has taken an action a day before and issued the instructions to Chief Justice Lahore High Court to take action on the application made by Daska Bar Association.
    Khwaja Mohammad Shareef (CJLHC) called the DPO Sialkot on 6th of May, 2010 in this regard.

    Despite taking several actions and arrests the prisoners are still out of grip ant yet not been arrested which is the vivid failure of Law enforcement agencies. While on the other hand the citizens are still in grip of terror and outranged of normal life.

    Reported by : sheraz

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